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factotum n : a servant employed to do a variety of jobs

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, “do everything”, from fac, imperative of facere, to do, + totum, everything; from 1566


  1. A person having many diverse activities or responsibilities.
  2. A general servant.
    • 1847, Herman Melville, Omoo'', Chapter 73,
      I had almost forgotten Monee, the grinning old man who prepared our meal. […] He was Po-Po's factotum—cook, butler, and climber of the bread-fruit and cocoa-nut trees; and, added to all else, a mighty favourite with his mistress; with whom he would sit smoking and gossiping by the hour.
  3. idiom "Jack of all trades".


Person having many responsibilities
  • Danish: altmuligmand
  • Greek: παντοποιός (pantopoiós)
A general servant
  • Danish: faktotum


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A factotum is a general servant or a person having many diverse activities or responsibilities. The word derives from the Latin command (imperative construction) fac totum ("do/make everything").
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